jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2007

Día 2: Bombay, paraíso para conductores

In the plane, steward told us: "There are many many people in India, Barcelona is empty if you compare it to Mumbai :)". Some hours after, stuck in a traffic jam, we thought how right he was. If some of you some day had a nightmare about traffic, dreaming about all kind of cars driving in all kind of directions, no traffic lights, no signs, no rules, blowing horn like crazy, not checking their rearview mirrors and not indicating when they are turning right or left - well this is a real picture of Mubmai's traffic. Some days later, when we were in a car on the highway from Delhi to Agra, we saw a truck going in oposite direction. Our driver Bahwar said then: " Don't be so surprized, this is India".

If you are brave enough you could use as a public transportation a bus or subway, but the most loved and used and the fasted way to get where you want is without any doubt a moto-rickshaw. It has place for 3 people on the back, but we saw it to carry up to 15...yeah :-)

If you are in Mumbai and you need to cross a street, be prepare for an extreme sport. Don't expect to find a traffic light or zebra to cross, no such things. Traffic is crazy, and you actually have kind of throw yourself forward and make the cars stop and let you pass....adrenaline is guaranteed :-)

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